Movie Catalog

We have a bunch of movies and the problem has been that we don’t know what we have or what they are about when we want to watch a movie. So, I have been looking for a way to catalog the movies.

After a long search of sifting thorough applications I found a Windows application called My Movies. When a movie is entered in to My Movies the app searches the internet and downloads all sorts of info including Actors, Cover Art, Description, etc… The other two things I like about My Movies is that first it is free (for the basic functionality) and it saves all the data in a MS SQL database. With the MS SQL database I figured I could write a little web app that would display movie info in a web browser. This way I could access movie info from any web browser on my network including Windows, Mac, Wii, iPod Touch, Ubuntu box, etc…

Here are some screen shots of what I got so far.
Movie Catalog - Main

Movie Catalog - General

Movie Catalog - Details

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